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The Best Flea Market in Waukesha County – & Beyond

Rummage O Rama, LLC is a renowned flea market in Waukesha County. But our reach extends beyond the county and into Illinois and all of Wisconsin. The reason? Our 32,000 sq. ft. facility is jam-packed with antiques, handmade crafts, and unique finds. We pride ourselves on giving flea market enthusiasts an afternoon’s worth of shopping and an experience they will never forget. You can find everything you need under one roof here, and we are immensely proud of that fact. Over the years, we have used our experience to create the perfect shopping experience for our visitors.


Four Tips for a Your Flea Market Trip

Flea markets can sometimes be challenging for first-time visitors. That’s why it is integral to understand what to expect when exploring our flea market. But the most important thing to remember is to have fun. Still, we know that visiting a flea market the size of ours can be overwhelming. These four tips will help you organize your trip and get the most out of it:

Bring the Right Vehicle

You never know what you might find at our flea shop. Our vendors sell everything from small trinkets to vintage dressers. We recommend borrowing an SUV or truck for your visit – if you don’t already have one.

Have a List

Most people know what they are searching for when they shop at a flea market. The same might be true of you. Make a list before you visit. Doing so can help you focus on the task at hand while navigating our expansive facility.

Walkthrough First, Buy Second

Our flea market hosts hundreds of vendors in a sprawling facility on any given day. It is essential to get the lay of the land before you purchase anything. If you see something on the walkthrough, make a note of it. You can always come back later.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

This adage is especially true at flea markets. The most enthusiastic and seasoned vintage divers often arrive early to get the best deals, so you will want to do the same thing.

Visit Our Expansive Flea Market Today

We are proud to host one of the finest winter markets in Wisconsin. Our year-round accessibility is a significant driving force behind our success and the popularity of our flea market. But so are our vendors and the wonderful items they bring to the table. But the best way to get a sense of how unique and fun-filled an excursion to Rummage O Rama, LLC can be is to simply visit!

Contact Us Today to Reserve Your Booth